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Nefes Dağyenice

Our values

Nefes Dağyenice is a natural wonder where many people come to breathe with its unique lake and forest view, at the foot of Uludağ, 8 km away from Bursa's Nilüfer district. Located very close to the city yet isolated, Nefes Dağyenice is one of Turkey's largest open-air natural life centers within 327 decares of forest on the shores of the lake.

With bungalows and glamping areas, you can relax with your family and loved ones by experiencing accommodation in nature, away from the noise of the city, with only the sounds of trees and birds.

You can taste different tastes in restaurants and cafes and chat with pleasure while sitting in front of the view.

If you like to push the limits and say action is your passion, you can climb to the top at Turkey's largest adventure park.

The weekend has come and if you are going to gather as a family and have a picnic in the forest, get ready for a new picnic experience.

I am a traveler, I will travel the whole world with my caravan, but if you want to see this place too, you can stay at the Nefes Dağyenice open-air life center with its special caravan parking area.

At Nefes Dağyenice, we protect water, soil, trees, greenery, our animal friends, the environment and our future with an endless sense of responsibility and the high level of sensitivity of our team.

Nefes Dağyenice Constitution

  • Our difference is to value and add value.
  • Everyone who enters from Nefes Dağyenice is equal. There is no discrimination based on religion, religion, race or gender.
  • There is freedom of imagination and thought.
  • It contains the foundations of goodness, love, respect, peace, friendship and kindness.
  • Nefes Dağyenice is the place for those who are thankful and give thanks.
  • Here you breathe in and out with love. It's free.
  • The place we reach with breaths that are aware of the abundance of nature and embrace all its blessings with compassion.
  • It is the living space where greetings are exchanged and greeted.
  • Attention is paid to environmental cleanliness and human health.
  • Those who love and protect the environment, forest, soil, nature and animals come.
  • People with conscience and a sense of justice can enter.
  • It brings joy and happiness instead of sadness; forgiveness, peace, fun and conversation instead of anger.
  • The unforgettable flavors of your childhood or the ones you will taste for the first time are prepared with love.
  • Cats, dogs, birds, insects, trees, soil, plants and flowers are respected.
  • It is the place where birds chat most beautifully, please shut up and listen.